Suggestion -- READ BEFORE POST

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Suggestion -- READ BEFORE POST

Post  Nex on Wed May 28, 2008 7:50 am

So you have a suggestion in mind? Good. That's what allows ICE TEAM SERVER to prosper and grow. As you will realise, if your suggestion is valuable, it will most probably be implemented, so don't feel shy to suggest something.
Now, do not share your suggestion in-game by using /PM admins, /re or /report. Simply post it on this forum with as much details as you can, and sit tight while the helpers review it.

When you want to post a suggestion, make sure the title is associated to the suggestion.

Examples for bad titles would be:

2 suggestions!
Something we need to do.
I have a little suggestion.
Wouldn't this be cool?

Examples for good titles would be:

Adding new car:
Command that does

In other words, we should be able to guess what your suggestion will be about only by reading the title. More detail comes while reading the entire post.

Secondly, make sure what you're suggesting doesn't already exist. How? Just go in game, try out commands that could be related to your suggestion. Check the /help files, or the search function on the forums. If you can't find anything, even after asking an admin if there is such a thing as your suggestion, then you can post here.

Last but not least, make sure it hasn't been proposed before. Just look through the archive. That's basically the point of making your title related to your suggestion.
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