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Read BEFORE YOU post

Post  Nex on Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:50 am

Well, I'll try to explain for you how to detect a cheat on 0.2.2.

Some cheats is damn easy to detect, but something is not.

IMPORTANT: This is how you users can detect a cheat. Admins got more tools available.

Airbreak - Easy to detect

If a user flying around, through buildings/ground/roads his definantly using a airbreak cheat. If you see someone do that, immediantly do the following command:
/report [ID- ID of the cheating user] Airbreak cheater!

Flying cars/Gamespeeded - Easy to detect

If you see a car flying around or in an extremely high speed they most likely using flying cars or gamespeed cheat. If you see someone do that, report it immediantly by typing:
/report [ID- ID of the cheating user] Flying cars/Gamespeed!

Health cheat - Little hard to detect

If someone doesnt loose any health when you are shooting there could be 2 reasons, 1: His game is unsynced and cant see you actually are shooting or 2: He is cheating. If you see someone do that, report it immediantly by typing:
/report [ID- ID of the cheating user] Possible health cheat!

Weapon Hack Easy to detect

If someone has illegal weapons like, TEC9, UZI, Colt 45, etc.

/report [ID- ID of the cheating user] Weapon hacker!

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